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ECHOyoga Shala is a community space for people to share practice and experience their lives through yoga. ECHO means Empowerment, Care, Health and Oneness. Shala is a sanskrit word that means “house”. Through one space, ECHOyoga hopes to bring these core values forward through strengthening community collaborations and bringing a deeper understanding of yoga practice towards living a more sustainable lifestyle.

ECHOyoga Shala classes and workshops are meant to unleash yoga's therapeutic power for specific needs, and to probe our inner world towards a deeper grounding. Read more...



Website: echoyoga.echostore.ph

For sign-in and slot reservation of workshops
Call or text: 956-7119, 0906-5063958
Email: ECHOyogaShala@gmail.com

Friday nights 6-7:30pm:
Awakening Your Subtle Energy Bodies

Saturday afternoons 4-6pm:
Women’s Month series

Yoga Philosophy. Practical Spirituality. Subtle Energy Manipulation
Includes Practice, Course Manuals, Lectures, Homework
EYS-DEP Programs offer an ECHOyoga Certificate of Attendance and/or the lineage tradition certification.

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PRE-NATAL YOGA now available by appointment


Teachers may also be booked for private classes in or outside the ECHOyoga Shala. For inhouse bookings: Php 2,500 per session; for classes outside the center: Php 4,000 per session.

Empowerment Care Health Oneness

What allows kids to use a lot of energy, make funny noises,
relax and learn to focus all at the same time?


Summer afternoons of May
Tuesday & Thursdays, 3-4p.m.
May 6-29, 2014

Eight Sessions
For kids ages 6-10 years old

  • Breathe – tune in and focus
  • Have fun – be creative and playful with friends
  • Balance – feel posed, composed and alive
  • Stand – become stable, strong, and grounded
  • Forward bend – be supple, open, and trustful
  • Partner – have fun working together
  • Time in – unwind, rest and revive

To be led by teacher Marilen Elizalde:
Marilen Elizalde is first a mom with three children, then a Middle School teacher and is, now, a certified Yoga Instructor. Allow Marilen to transform an hour of insight, loving action, playful stretches, and spontaneous heartfelt joy.

Package fee: PhP 4,000
Early bird rate: Php 3,800 if registered on or before April 15
Drop in rate: Php 500 per class

Empowerment Care Health Oneness

Awakening the Subtle Energy Body

Friday Night Program for April - May
6:00 -7:30pm

Fee: Php 500 per session
10% discount for Unlimited Card Holders
Package of Php 3,400 for all seven sessions
(plus one free meditation night which is open to all).
Early Bird Package Rate of Php 3,200 by March 31,
10% discount not applicable

The Friday night sessions are for both beginners and practitioners willing to go deeper in their experience of “being” human and alive. The sessions are created to awaken the energies of the subtle bodies. The objective is internal energy manipulation to bring about heightened intuition, awareness, sensitivity and centeredness.

Pranayama, Sound Vibration and Witnessing Meditation
Teachers: Jeannie Javelosa and Anne Contreras

Pranayama is the science and practice of breath extension, control and manipulation of the life force or “prana”. It balances the central nervous system and brings vitality to life. This helps combats stress and anxiety, asthma and respiratory weaknesses, awakens the parasympathetic system and quiets the mind. Sound manipulation changes the vibrational field of the body. Witnessing Meditation allows the development of intuition and self-therapy tools to understand the inner world. Lecture and Practice Sequence.

Yin Rhythms
Teacher: Vicky Ortega

A session that uses selected yin poses to introduce participants to yin energy. This is the subtle, quiet energy that balances the yang energy and opens up to deeper awareness. The practice is slow, quiet and meditative…an ideal way to close the week and let go of non-productive energy. Practice Sequence.

April 4 - Pranayama and Meditation (Jeannie)
April 11 - Yin Rhythms Meditation (Vicky)
April 25 - Witnessing Meditation (Anne)
May 2 - Sound Vibrational Meditation (Jeannie)
May 9 - Yin Rhythms Meditation (Vicky)
May 16 - Witnessing Meditation (Anne)
May 23 - FREE meditation (open to all)
May 30 - Pranayama and Meditation (Jeannie)


* Regular Schedule of Classes during Public Holidays except for Good Friday, Christmas (Dec 25) and New Year (Jan 1)
No classes on Storm Signal numbers 2 and 3.


The ECHOyoga asana syllabus is grounded on the Yoga Chikitsa of Sri Phattabhi Jois. Students are led through a continuing sequence of classes with the ultimate goal of developing a disciplined Self-Practice develop a strong healthy Body, a steady focused Mind, a compassionate Heart. The ultimate goal is the development of a personal Self-Practice and tools that can be used for a deeper appreciation of life.


Gentle Flow, Beginners/Practice Class
Gentle Flow is a mix of restorative, yin yoga poses, and other basic poses to focus and ground students on the basics and fundamentals of yoga postures and the exploration of the opening of the body.
Vinyasa Flow, Mixed Level / Practice Class
Vinyasa Flow is a mixed-level class where flowing movement is synchronized to the breath. Dynamic sequences allow poses to link together and become like a dance.
Mysore with Teacher, All Levels/Practice class
Mysore is the traditional way ashtanga vinyasa is taught. Students of all levels, even beginners will understand the principles of self-practicing at their own pace and level with a teacher present to guide and teach the Primary Sequence.
Guided Ashtanga Vinyasa Mixed Level/ Practice Class
Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga is characterized by its therapeutic and progressive set sequences of postures. In this method, taught by Sri K. Pattabhi Jois, the postures are combined in a series which vary in difficulty and effect. This is a mixed level class where students are guided through the traditional counted method of the Primary Series (Yoga Chikitsa) which is therapeutic, detoxifying and aligning the body. Constant repetition of the series prepares and build students for independent practice and to join the daily early morning Self-Practice Sessions.
Power Yoga , for Intermediate and Advanced Levels/Practice Class
Led Class of the full primary sequence or a dynamic vinyasa class
mixed with arm and core strengthening, handstands and backbend postures.
Breath and Meditation, All levels, and even with no asana practice/Practice Class
Practice session that teaches simple pranayama or breath manipulation and meditation seating techniques.
Off the Mat all levels and even with no asana practice/Lecture and Discussion
A Discussion, Q&A class that looks at yoga philosophy and practice as lenses to better handle daily life challenges such as stress, fears, attachments, control issues and therapeutic needs thus using the yoga practice for practical daily spirituality. 
Led Ashtanga, Intermediate and Advance Levels/ Practice class
The full primary sequence of Ashtanga Vinyasa is counted and the groups moves in sequence asone. Open only for those with a regular practice.
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